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5G Study seim & partner

5G Study seim & partner

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The current mobile communications standard 5G is an issue everyone is talking about. Business and politics, network operators and service providers, technological companies and corporations are either strategically or operatively involved with it. People are eagerly discussing 5G and it has featured in the business sections of well-known newspapers as a technology star.
So why are we at seim & partner now dealing with 5G?

• Because our customers are hearing more open questions than answers during these public discussions.
• Because our customers are looking for more clarity for their strategic planning.
• Because the facts our customers require in order to derive well-founded decisions are missing from the public discussions and documents.

Our customers are approaching us for these reasons. They are familiar with us as committed and expert fixed-line network planners with a focus on fiber networks. We have decided to consolidate our expertise at seim & partner and provide competent answers to the many issues relating to 5G.

(From: 5G Hype by s&p Beratungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH)