5G Studie

References: engineering planning

Planning services for the NGA expansion in a district authority in Lower Saxony

A district authority in Lower Saxony and its broadband infrastructure owning subsidiary planned an expansion of its network costing around € 70 million, partially funded by subsidies.

Our contribution: Planning service HOAI 4-9, documentation and submission of proof to the funding body

Timeframe: 2017 - today

Inner-city broadband expansion in a populated region in Baden-Württemberg

Planning for 140,000 buildings; the first wave of municipalities are currently in the development phase.

Our contribution: Approval planning (service phase 4), implementation planning (service phases 5-9)

Timeframe: 2016 - today

FttB expansion in a black forest municipality in southern Germany

This small rural village was one of the first in Germany to receive a municipality-wide fiber-optic network (FttB) as part of a pilot project of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Our contribution: Planning, tender process support and preparing construction management for the operator

Timeframe: 2009 - 2011

References: strategic consultancy

Geo-scoring and regional development

A network owner and operator experiencing strong growth commissioned us to analyze and process data regarding potential commercially lucrative expansion communities in two chosen German states.

Our contribution: Geo-scoring of poorly served and profitable expansion communities, initial consultation with municipalities and pre-negotiation of cooperation agreements, project management support up until conclusion of the construction work

Timeframe: 2016 - today

Development of strategic concept for extensive FttB expansion

A national telecoms company commissioned seim & partner to identify suitable major cities for an extensive FttB expansion. The joint use of existing infrastructures and cooperation scenarios were examined and assessed. Various different expansion scenarios were examined in terms of profitability and feasibility.

Our contribution: Analysis, assessment and strategy development

Timeframe: 2016 - 2017

References: funding advice

Funded expansion in a large administrative district in Lower Saxony

As one of the largest administrative districts in terms of surface area, our client wanted to cover existing "white spots" through a sustainable, subsidized NGA expansion. As such, three federal applications were made for funding an economic viability gap. The project is now in under way.

Our contribution: Creation of structural planning, model calculations, facilitation of political decision-making, planning, submission of funding applications, tender process, implementation support

Timeframe: 2015 - today

NGA master plan for one of the largest cities in Lower Saxony

As a strategic cornerstone for the further development of the city, the extensive fiber-optic expansion was examined and assessed by seim & partner as part of an NGA master plan. The aim was the independent establishment of a passive network infrastructure owned by the city council.

Our contribution: Creation of an NGA master plan, extensive FttB expansion planning in the urban area, submission of funding applications for sub-areas of the city, support in the award of rental contracts, calculation of cluster planning

Timeframe: 2015 - 2017

Broadband expansion in the administrative district in the North-Western part of Germany

seim & partner has been providing the district authority with advice and support regarding an NGA expansion proposal since 2012, from support with EU notification right through to the current federal and local state funding applications. All of the administrative districts "white spots" have been closed with the current funded project.

Our contribution: Notification support, funding application planning, tender process support, implementation support

Timeframe: 2008 - 2018

References: M&A, techn. DD

Technical due diligence in the acquisition of passive networks

An international investment fund specializing in investments in passive fiber-optic networks commissioned seim & partner to carry out technical due diligence for existing networks and networks under development.

Our contribution: Analysis and assessment of network components and documentation with regard to technical performance and further development opportunities. Commercial network assessment, feasibility analysis with regard to fund proceeds, exit value appraisal

Timeframe: 2017 - today